Filing A Car Accident Insurance Claim

A victim of car accident not only suffers physical injuries but faces a lot of physical and mental trauma too. However the State of Law comes to rescue of such victims and they can claim compensation for the damages caused by filing a car accident insurance claim. Perceived to be a slow process, eventually the car accident insurance claim process does help you to get properly reimbursed for any bodily injuries caused or expenses incurred by you for damages to your property.

However, in order to claim car accident insurance claim, your procedures and evidence that prove the losses you suffer should be in place, without which the claim would not be honored. Here are some steps you need to follow to help you get the maximum insurance claim that too in the minimum time possible:

Firstly, it is important to obtain the personal information of all the other drivers immediately, especially if the accident occurred due to their fault. Not only will this information act as evidence in your favor, but will also help you in not paying a deductible for the same. This information will also help you in paying lower premiums in future, if you are taking an insurance claim to pay these damages.

Secondly, if possible click the pictures of the damages caused, both in the case of bodily injury or physical damage to the property. The step will help strengthen the case as the pictures will act as evidence displaying the position of the vehicles along with the surrounding environment and will be helpful in narrating your part of the accident. Though, this step will be followed by an insurance representative or a surveyor too, but there could be a significant time gap between the time of incident and the time when the surveyor comes for an inspection.

Next, try and contact the claim representative as soon as possible. This can be done as early as on the scene of the accident if both the parties agree. Once the claim representative reaches the accident spot, they will fill the claim form, take pictures of the accident, listen to the story of both the parties, and take the statement of all witnesses available on the accident site.

Lastly, wait for your compensation claim to be settled and a payout to be made in your favor. A big tip is getting a new insurance quote from a different company before the other claim has been finished, as this might push your rates up! The payout is generally prepared by calculating the lowest cost of repair estimated according to the blue book value of the car. However, the payment that you receive may vary in time greatly, right from several weeks to several months and in the meantime you can get your vehicle repaired.

However, in order to get your car accident claim cleared from the said authorities, you need to know the claim head or the category under which the accident would fall. Such claims can range from claim for special damages, to one for pain and suffering. It could also be classified as loss of amenity claims or general damages claim. Filling the claim under the most relevant category would make your claim stronger along with speeding up the process.

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